A year during the Age of Conjunction.

After a long year of devastating war, all of the nations had either destroyed each other, or were at peace after the war. The world begins to rebuild. The most notable nation formed is the Klindathu/Battledale hybrid nation. Both capitals are in the same location. While Klindathu used to control most of the continent, during the last year, many of the areas gained independence due to Klindathu's inability to control the outlying territories. The hybrid nation calls its self The Second Empire of Klindathu, and the capital takes the name of Battledale. 

Two other nations rise in the ashes of Klindathu who all claim to be the heir to the large empire. These are Atron and the Holy Empire of Kael. Battledale is the clear winner, as their land area is quickly picked up and they become far larger that the other two.

Other nations rise, many with some ties to Klindathu, but none of the others claim to be heirs to the once powerful empire. The largest include Folcar, Valis, and Concora.

Ulin Battleman is born in Battledale.