A year during the Age of Conjunction.

The Fourth Drow War begins. Battledale is sacked by Zenfaria. However, much of the city is left intact. The majority of the city quickly evacuates. The entire Klindathu Empire goes to war with the drow, but with the immediate loss of the capital and most of the military forces scattered, the empire doesn't have much ability to stand up against the drow. The nation's main cities form their own nations and city states, and all of the current nations are formed with the more powerful nations being Folcar, Valis, Maeza, Concora, Miltia, and Morian. The Klindathan Empire is no more. The majority of the remaining Klindathan airships become the property of Valis, but some are moored in Folcar as well. They each defend their own nations and relations between the nations are ruined. Survivors from Battledale board the KAS Enterprise and take refuge in the elven home of Avalon. The Enterprise is moored in a large hallowed out cavern inside the floating isle.

The 24th Ninn is born in Valis.