A year during the Age of Conjunction.

The Concora Crisis - What is later discovered as the largest and strongest cult of Orcus ever known finds the ruins of the once lost KAS Enterprise. They discover that the engine is driven by souls instead of elementals. They attempt to amplify its power but it has a consequence; All souls in the world are sucked into it. No soul is at peace and resurrections cannot take place. The entire nation of Concora is destroyed, and its inhabitants rise as undead, and its lands turned lifeless by the Dread Plague. Heroes from around the world gather and enter Concora to put an end to the soul devouring machine. Orcus is summoned to the Material Plane for the first time in thousands of years. Before his body could fully manifest, the heroes that entered the castle at the beginning of the year entered the ritual chamber and defeated Orcus and his cult. They emerged broken, yet alive. The Concora Crisis had ended. The KAS Enterprise goes missing, but the souls of the dead are no longer sucked into it from all over the world.

The Emari tribesmen native to the Sylveld are overtaken by a death blight turning the ground and everything touching it grey and lifeless. They find new faith in a god they call the Bright Man, who brings light and hope to their people. He rewards their strictly adhered to worship by protecting then from the Blight. The Blight pushes them to build a large city of metal on the east coast to protect against the Blight. They called it Caenum.