The current age of the history of Galea.

After the conjunction, the world changed. Nations that never knew each other now owned the same land. Some allied with each other, and some faught and destroyed the other. This wasn't limited to mortal war. The gods waged war against one another. After the dust settled, new nations emerged. Everything had changed.There were new gods to worship, new races to learn about and meet, and new people starting new lives with one another.

Years of the Age of Conjunction (AC):

  • 0 - The Conjunction.
  • 1 AC - Chaos after the Conjunction continues.
  • 2 AC - The Second Empire of Klindathu is formed. Ulin Battleman is born.
  • 3 AC - Ulin kidnapped.
  • 4 AC - Klindathu begins expanding.
  • 5 AC - The Harbringer makes his pact with Garm.
  • 13 AC - The Harbringer is defeated.
  • 14 AC - Klindathu finishes taking all of central Xepher.
  • 23 AC - Klindathu-Shadasha war begins.
  • 32 AC - Klindathu-Shadasha war ends.
  • 39 AC - Klindathan advance halts.
  • 56 AC - Ulin Battleman found and release from stasis.
  • 82 AC - Ninn Battleman dies. The 24th Ninn is born.
  • 83 AC - Fourth Drow War begins.
  • 84 AC - Zenfaria's Apotheosis. Elven 'Year of Sundering.'
  • 85 AC - Fourth Drow War ends.
  • 86 AC - Batteldale jungle regrown.
  • 87 AC - God-Emperor of Sekta-sek takes power.
  • 88 AC - Morian-Morgathi war begins.
  • 90 AC - Morian-Morgathi war ends.
  • 95 AC - The Concora Crisis and the Blight of Emar.
  • 96 AC - Reconstruction of Battledale.
  • 97 AC - Creation of the warforged.
  • 98 AC - Warforged rebellion.
  • 100 AC - Sacking of Valis.
  • 101 AC - Rebuilding of Valis.
  • 102 AC - Several cities destroyed in search of Idols.
  • 103 AC - Time Portal opens. Last of the Black Widow are slain. Durg falls into anarchy.
  • 104 AC - Syndicate take over Durg. Start of the Emari-Domian War.
  • 105 AC - Tristania-Miltia war.
  • 106 AC - Anima Relics spoted. Nodos return. Valis' Temple of Light destroyed.
  • 107 AC - Nodos are slain. Anima Relics destroyed. Aquaria is completely destroyed. Horgold Stoneheart crowned king of Durg. Infernus portals open around Xepher.
  • 108 AC - The Tower of Babel is destroyed and MDS satallites fall from the sky.
  • 109 AC - Respend Do'Urden begins his quest for the Crown Blade.
  • 110 AC - The Crown Blade is Reforged and Respen Do'Urden is rejected by the blade.
  • 111 AC - Respen Do'Urden Begins the kingdom of Lilor'Arael.
  • 112 AC - Neverlost is founded in central Xepher, a city populated by people from a plane of Druken Lost. Neverlost is a vassal state of Lilor'Arael
  • 113 AC - Neverlost goes to war with the Citidel of Lust, a drow kingdom lead by a Dark Seducer.
  • 114 AC - Neverlost conqer's the Citidel of Lust and it is absorbed into Neverlost.
  • 115 AC - Neverlost destroy Demon Lord Malcathet and Demon Lord Astaroth
  • 116 AC - Lord Grey is Defeated and Neverlost is absorbed by the Kingdom of Lilor'Arael
  • 117 AC
  • 118 AC
  • 119 AC
  • 120 AC - A group of Adventures discover a plot by the king of Dubshnidt to activate the ancient weapon "The Song of Nephilim".
  • 121 AC - Demigod Celesti Lavander destroys the ancient Relic "The Song of Nephilim" an ancient weapon capable of killing every living being in a city sized area.
  • 122 AC - Nipponesse God of War Yato is killed in battle with MDS Lars in the kingdom of Folcar. Kaiju Bezravnis is slain by Gait Risive with his massive mind attacks.
  • 123 AC - Adventurers explore the ruins of Rivethall in Greenan aquiring great wealth. Those adventurers then travel to Fandaria to start an adventurers guild known as the Rose Guard Mercenaries.
  • 124 AC - Adventurers from the Rose Guard Mercenaries protect the city of Kaylaris from attacks by an unknown force, gaining fame and becoming the Rose Knights of Fandaria. The Rose Knights of Fandaria discover and anicent ruins known as the Ruins of Orumus.
  • 125 AC - A ancient floating Fortress "The Ruins of Ormus" flys over Kaylaris, the capitol of Fandaria. Some Adventurers attempt to explore the floating fortress and in the process free the Dark Emperor and detonate the floating fortress in a nuclear explosion destroying Kaylaris. The Dark Emperor then proceeds to take over Fandaria.

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