An air port is a large structure that allows airships to dock for travel and trade in the settlement. This structure brings lots of traffic to the settlement. It can be built using kingdom settlement rules. The port allows the settlement to use airships as a means of travel and trade. The port uses energy engines in order to keep the ships floating while they don't expend fuel.

  • Cost: 140 BP, 4 lots
  • Kingdom: Economy +6, Stability +4, Fame +1
  • Discount: Black Market, Guildhall, Market Pier, Airship Construction Yard
  • Upgrade: Upgrade from air dock.
  • Special: Base value +10,000 gp, may use airships for trade. Any airships used for trade have a TRL of 1 per 50 hexes. If a merchant airship is used, reduce the BP gained from the trade route by 1 per TRL. In order to use a kingdom owned airship, it must be built or purchased by the kingdom. The air port may moor 100 ships of any size. You may only have one air port per settlement. More air ports clog the skies making it dangerous to fly
  • Magic Items: 3 minor wonderous items, 2 medium wonderous items, 1 major wonderous item
  • Settlement: +2 Crime