The Armageddon War was the most destructive conflict in the history of Galea, when mortal and god colided in unending bloodshed. By the end of the Age of Dreams, mortals began growing uncomfortable with the power and influece that the gods had. Many moved out of the influence of the Divine Empire and created their own lives at the edge of the galexy. Certain mortals gained immense power like Luke, Nicodemus, and Kaleb separate of divine gifts. Some of them joined together to fight the gods and their followers for the freedom of all mankind. During these years fiendish armies took hold of space that was once bastions of humanity. Many new races emerged as corruption and bioengineering spread. This age saw the first half-breeds between mortals and outsiders. The first to undead and demons. This age was filled with death, dispair, and eventually gave birth to new life.

The following are the years and events during the Armageddon War.

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