Name of the Deity
God of ????
Power Greater, Intermediate, Lesser, or Demigod
Symbol Symbol of the Deity
Home Plane Home Plane
Alignment Deity's alignment
Portfolio Areas of interest and focus
Channeling Portfolio Alternate channeling available to clerics of the Deity
Worshipers Who worships the Deity
Adjective Unknown
Cleric Alignments Available alignments for clerics
Domains Available domains for clerics. Format is Domain (Subdomain).
Sacred Animal Unknown
Sacred Color Unknown
Favored Weapon Favored weapon of the deity.

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Quick overview of the deity including spheres of interest, holy symbols, holy animals or weapons, and extremely important information.


History specific to the god. Apotheosis, death, important events pertaining to the deity.


The god's home plane and demiplane and any description of the demiplane.


Relationships with other deities.

Appearance and Emissaries

Mortal representations of the deity and the prefered appearance.


Important mortals and immortals that serve the deity.

Church of Deity

General description of the church including where and who worship. No great detail.

Worshipers and Clergy

Detailed description of the clergy and how they worship.

Temples and Shrines

Detailed descriptions of where temples and shrines are located as well as descriptions of how temples commonly appear and how they're used.

Holy Texts

The holy text or texts the clergy use.

Holy Relics

Any artifact or relic associated with the church.

Magic Items

Any magic item that is typically associated with the church. These items are almost always available at a temple of the deity.


Traits that can be taken by a character that are associated with the deity.

Deific Obedience

The obedience to be observed and th boons gained.