The dragons believe they are all decended from the gods. Their faith is in their god-king and god-queen, or Dolsos, the Royalty. They were among the first gods and they created the perfect race. 


The Dolsos, or Iron Blooded, are the first of the dragons and their king and queen. Second to to the king and queen are the Zokdiis, or the Paragons. They are the original ten dragons created by the king and queen as their second attempt to create the draconic race. The first, the Primals, were a disaster, as they were wild and uncontrollable. The Zokdiis are separated into the Faal Kun (The Light) and Faal Mahlaan (The Fallen), or sometimes simply Kun and Mahlaan.

Faal Kun

The Kun are the first of the metallic dragons. Among dragonkind and those who worship dragons, they are seen as the light within the darkness. They are good where the world is evil. Offerings are given to Bahamut in their name and through them they pray to the King. 

  • Morohein - The Glory. First born of the Dolsos. First gold dragon and lord of the Zokdiis.
  • Vintaasvii - Shining Streak. Third of the Zokdiis and first silver dragon.
  • Fahdonliik - Friend Maker. Fourth of the Zokdiis. First bronze dragon.
  • Jiiktovaan - Joy Seeker. Sixth of the Zokdiis. First copper dragon.
  • Mindoshil - Learned Heart. Eighth of the Zokdiis. First brass dragon.

Faal Mahlaan

  • Hezfilkun - Shooting Star. Second born of the Dolsos and first red dragon. First of Tiamat. The Demon-Dragon
  • Strunfaniik - Storm Caller. Fifth of the Zokdiis. First blue dragon.
  • Reythlovaas - Tree Song. Seventh of the Zokdiis. First green dragon.
  • Hilmaara - Heart Terror. Ninth of the Zokdiis. First black dragon.
  • Yostrahskein - Crystal Scar. Tenth of the Zokdiis. First white dragon.

Faal Vahlok

The Guardians are a younger pair of incredably powerful near-god level dragons who's purpose is to defend Golmoro. 

  • Tuzsekun - Sword of Light. First of the Vahlok. First prismatic dragon.
  • Spaansekun - Shield of Light. Second of the Vahlok. First force dragon.