The history of Galea is long, as it goes back over 66,000 years to it's creation. There is history before that, known to scolars and historians as the Age of Dreams. Although this age is known, it isn't very clear on what it was, but the time period is becoming more and more clear as it is researched even more. The history of the Shadow World advanced differently and can be found in the History of Ire.

The Age Before Dreams

Very little is known about this time period. From what is known, it was a time without magic. The world was heavily poluted, and nations were constantly at war. It is generally understood that this was a period of chaos and blood shed. Any technological advancement was made for the purpose of destruction.

Age of Dreams

One thousand years of peace, prosperity, and advancement. The races lived together and expanded civilization into the Void. It ended with the Armageddon War.

The Armageddon War

Between the Separation and the Age of Dreams, gods and mortals waged war against each other. The result was the destruction of civilization and the creation of the shadow realm, Ire.

The Separation

The event that took place at the end of the Armageddon War that split the world apart and created Ire.

The Beginning Time

While the Age Before Dreams through the Separation are the historical accounts from the records of the Atheist Society, this is not generally believed by the people of Galea. While there are as many creation myths as there are mortal races, this is generally considered an accurate depiction of what probably happened before the mortal realm was created.

Pre-Conjunction Era

While many eras, civilizations, and histories existed in this roughly 66,000 year span, scholars typically group this era into one block for easier record keeping. For Pre-Conjunction Era of Ire, see History of Ire.

The Conjunction

The event that brought Ire and Galea back together.

Age of Conjunction

The Conjunction is the name given to the event that brought Galea and Ire back together. It was catastrophic for everything, mortal and god alike.