Vital statistics
Type Monstrous Humanoid
Subtype  None
Alignment Neutral
Environment Underground
Challenge Rating +1


Nycters are hafling sized batfolk. They are 3ft to 4ft tall and weigh a maximum of 25 lbs. They have large black eyes, long snouts with with wide oddly shaped nostrils like a brown bat's. Nycters fur grows very long and can be brown, black, or white. Their wings end in long, dextrous fingers that double as their hands. Nycters can't hold any objects in their hands while flying, but can carry objects with their feet instead.


Early History

Other History

Recent History

Society & Culture


Nycter society is tribal and mildly isolationist. They biggest concern is making sure their colonies stay safe and hidden from the other underground races, particularly the Skaven. Only the Stealthiest Nycters are allowed to leave their colony to best insure no one follows them back. Nycters have a surprisingly low birthrate compared to other Beastlands races. As a result, Nycters practice both polygamy and polyandry to ensure an acceptable birthrate. Hunting is extremely ritualized for Nycters. For those that understand their language, Nycter hunting cries are prayers for their prey's spirit.



Nycters isolationist behavior has been a necessity in the Beastlands, since nearly every other creature is bigger and more powerful than they are. Nycters occasionally ally with Armands against other underdark races, and sometimes even Desmodu, despite the Nycter's racist attitude towards them. Skaven present the greatest threat to Nycter colonies, given their numbers and durability.


Racial Traits

Ability Score Modifiers: Dex +4, +2 Wis, +2 Natural Armor

Speed: 20ft Fly 40ft (good)

Size: Small

Language: Draemish Common, Nyctol


Bite- 1d4 This is a primary attack.

Darkivision 90ft

Hunting Cry(su)- Once every 2d4 rounds, nycters can emit a 30ft of sonic energy. The cone does 1d4 sonic damage/ 2 HD, Fort DC      10+1/2HD+Con modifier halves the damage. Non Nycters who fail their Fortitude save are also paralyzed for 1d4+1 rounds.

Keen Senses- Nycters gain a +4 racial bonus on Perception.

Scent- Nycter's scent is actually sound based. If a silence effect is cast on the Nycter, their scent ability ceases to function till the effect ends.

Sonic Vulnerability

Alternate Racial Traits

Alternate Favored Class Bonuses

Alchemist- +1ft range increment on thrown weapon. This bonus increases in increments of 5.

Bard- +1/2 damage on spells that do sonic damage.

Druid- +1ft fly speed while wild shaped into a flying creature. This bonus goes up in increments of 5.

Gunslinger- +1ft range increment with pistols.

Monk- +1ft fly speed. This bonus goes up in increments of 5.

Ninja- +1/2 Acrobatics and Fly checks.

Psion- +1 power point.

Ranger- +1/2 Stealth and perception checks underground.

Rogue- +1/2 attack rolls when sneak attacking with bite.

Sorcerer-+1/2 damage on spells that do sonic damage.

Witch- +1/6 Witch Hex.