Plasma weapons come in many different forms. The most common are pistols, rifles, cannons, and swords. All of these share a common, unique damage type called plasma. All plasma guns have a capacity of 50.

Weapon Chart

Weapon Name








Plasma Pistol

* 2d10 x2 40 ft. 2 lbs. Plasma

Touch, semi-automatic

Plasma Rifle

* 3d10 x2 80 ft. 5 lbs. Plasma

Touch, automatic, burst fire

Plasma Cannon

* 3d12 x2 150 ft. 25 lbs. Plasma

Touch, Explosive, Slow-Firing

Plasma Sword

* 3d8 x2 - 1 lb. Plasma


Cost *: Due to the nature of these weapons, like most ancient technology, they are priceless, cannot be crafted, and generally cannot be sold.

Plasma Pistol: One-handed firearm.

Plasma Rifle: Two-handed firearm

Plasma Cannon: Heavy firearm

Plasma Sword: Plasma swords are similar enough to beam swords that all feats for beam swords work with plasma swords. This is an exotic weapon.

Explosive: This weapon explodes on imact in a 10 ft. radius. Refl DC 18 half. The creature hit does not get a save. If it misses then the targeted creature can save.