You have learned the exotic fighting style of the Ring Blade, you can spin the ring blade around your body without using your hands to attack, you can spin the ring blade around your waist and neck with exotic gyrating motions.

Prerequisites: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Ring Blade), Weapon Finesse, Perform (Dance) 5 ranks.

Benefit: When wielding a Ring Blade you treat it as a One handed light weapon for the purpose of feats and abilities, however you do not need to use your hands to attack with the Ring Blade, you can spin the blade around your limbs, waist, and neck to attack leaving your hands free allowing you to use your hands for other items like potions and wands. This also allows you to make faster attacks with the Ring Blade, while using the Ring Blade in this fashion you gain an additional attack at your highest base attack bonus whenever you make a full attack action, this ability works like Flurry of Blows and cannot be used with two-weapon fighting or other abilities that increase your number of attacks per round.