This event marks year 0 of the Conjunction Calendar (AC). This is the end of the Pre-Conjunction era of both Galea and Ire and the beginning of the Age of Conjunction. The most devistating event the mark history since as long as anybody knows. The shadow world Ire and Galea were brought back together by Balthazar. He coombined the will power of Lithner Sythe and himself to accend himself to godhood like he wanted to many years ago. The initial event took place on Gaspain 5 of this year, when the triple moons were full and the Black Moon was visable. 

The world saw destruction like it hadn't seen since before the Seperation. Whole civilizations were lost. Millions of inocents died just during the event. Earthquake around the entire world destroyed the land. Whole land masses were dropped into the seas and others were lifted from them. The two world combined and both lands were changed forever. Some areas were lost completely and forever, while others combined together to form new lands. For a brief moment the walls between the worlds was left wide open and thousands of extraplanar beings poored through into the mortal realm. Many who weren't killed by the event were slaughtered by powerful creatures of evil and chaos.

The world was new again. Everything had changed.