Xepher is the western most continent on Galea. It is home to several powerful nations and the most powerful mortals.


There are several powerful nations as well as many smaller city states.

  • Kingdom of Atron
  • Baghduar - Large dwarven nation
  • Battledale - Jungle crater city and ex-capitol of the Second Empire of Klindathu.
  • Concoran Border Towns - A group of towns that is all of what remains of the lost kingdom of Concora.
  • Durg - A small city state lead by the god-king Horgold Stoneheart, the God-Fist.
  • Doland - Doland is not a nation, but a collection of towns and villiages in the western Crystal Mist Mountains all belonging to the same ethnic group, the Dols.
  • Folcar
  • Illyssari - East central elven nation. Loyal to the Avalondi court.
  • Kaelithica
  • Kirth - The plains of Kirth is a large temperate plain that spans the north west of Xepher. 
  • Lilor'Arael - Respen Do'Urden's new kingdom of racial and gender equality. It is known as "Heart Home".
  • Maeza
  • Malornia - Located on north east edge of the Lindian Bay.
  • Meridahln
  • Miltia
  • Morian
  • Morgath - Loosely united nation of indepentant tribal territories.
  • Myth'Manara - Elven controlled wood. Loyal to Avalondi court.
  • Portsmouth
  • Radoth
  • Refaneas - Small wood elf nation loyal to the Avalondi court.
  • Ryl Alora - Highly secret land mostly controlled by the Avalondi courts. Consists mostly of grey elves.
  • Saltmarsh
  • Seven City Area
  • Shadasha
  • Tolund
  • Tot Momoli - "The Half-Breed City" home to mostly half orcs.
  • Valis - "City of Light" home to the Temple of Light and church of light.
  • Vaerice - The City of Sin, ran by the drow sorcerous of the same name.
  • Y'Sasari - Small Avalondi elven nation still loyal to the court.

Land Marks and Areas of Interest


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